Sell your boat!

Welcome to Aquatrader, the unique and flexible boat sales brokerage in the UK. With Aquatrader, selling your boat has never been easier.

Why Choose Aquatrader?

Extensive Marketing Reach: We utilize Facebook ads, Apollo Duck, and all major social media channels to get your boat in front of more potential buyers than any other broker. As owners of one of the largest Facebook groups for boats in the UK, we ensure maximum exposure for your boat.

All-Inclusive Services: From negotiations to free valuations, paperwork, and final handover, we handle every aspect of the selling process. Our experienced team guarantees a seamless transaction and the best deal for your boat.

Cost-Effective Approach: Our services are affordable without compromising quality. Excluding viewings and photographs allows us to keep staff costs low. If needed, we can arrange viewings and photos at your convenience.

Flexibility and Transparency: No contracts or exclusivity required. Our fee is only applicable if we find you a buyer. Our fees are less than half of the current going rate, offering you exceptional value.

If you are interested in selling your boat with AquaTrader please complete our client registration form by clicking the button below.